Glitter Glamour Theme

Glitter Parties bring a unique sparkly style as the latest trend in face and body art. This unique service provides the Glam to any Bridal Shower, Senior Party, or Holiday Christmas-Lights event.

Our pop-up Glitz N’ Glam Station contains unique blends of specialty cosmetic grade festival glitters, a wide selection of face and body gems, and deluxe bindis in a range of colors and styles. Our Glitter Artist will quickly set up the portable station adding to the ambiance with tiny twinkle lights and Glam Decor!

Whats Included:

Hire our professional Glitter Artist for two or more hours to make you and your guests shine. We will customize your Quinceanera or special Teen Party with color coordinated blends of chunky glitter and temporary hair color sprays. Guests can customize their look with our FDA approved, skin safe glitter treatments.

Its not just for the ladies! Glitter Beards are now a ‘thing’ and very popular. You will also find our pop-up station in adult events including Halloween Pub parties and at various Festivals downtown.

Glitz N’ Glam

Create beautiful sparkling glittery looks for all of your guests. Glitter Bars are the new trend in festival faces