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Unicorn Parties have come to Houston! Is your little girl having a Unicorn Themed Party, and dreaming of all things Magical? Well then you’re not alone! Unicorns have come to Houston in a big way, and are all the rage all over Texas!

It seems that overnight, Rainbows and Unicorns have taken over the universe delighting little girls everywhere!

Unicorn Parties
Unicorn Parties in Houston include Dress-up fun with fluffy TuTu skirts; Sparkly Make-Overs; Stuffing your own Pet Unicorn and then Dressing it up; plus lots of
Glitter, Games, and Giggles

….Fun Kid Parties now offers Unique and Fun Unicorn Themed Events! Perfect for slumber parties, afternoon parties, morning parties, or just about ANY kind of fun birthday party….

What is a Unicorn Party you ask? See our party options below:

Our Unicorn Theme Parties

Option 1: Unicorn Sparkle Party

Sparkle Party $225

1 Hour Party / 10Kids

This fun filled hour includes TuTu dress-up Fun, Gorgeous Glitter, Music & Dancing, 1 fun craft, and a sparkly make-over. Your party Hostess will arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up the fun, for kids ages 3 and up.


  • Dress-Up Fun! Adorable Tu-Tu skirts to wear (over clothes) during the Party
  • Sparkle Make-Over with Glamour Glitter
  • Pixie Dust Hair Sparkle Application
  • Glittery Lip Gloss
  • Unicorn Craft for kids to take home
  • Music/Dancing
  • 1 Unicorn Glitter Tattoo (water resistant to enjoy for up to 3 days)
  • Lots of Photo Opportunities
  • 10Kids Plus Bday Girl (11 total)
  • Children 3 and older

Option 2: Unicorn Tee-Pee Party $350

This 2-hour party option

2 Hour Party / 12 Kids

  • Transform your Party into a Magical Universe
  • Providing colorful Tutu Skirts (worn over clothes for the duration of party)
  • 1 Unicorn Craft
  • Unique Wearable Unicorn Horn and Fancy Face Painting with Festival Glitter and Sparkling Glamour Gems (horn and gems are re-wearable)
  • Unicorn Hair Glitter Bling (Rewearable)
  • 1 Unicorn Glitter Tattoo
  • Game Time
  • Music and Microphone for Solo Karaoke
  • Party Props – Unicorn Themed
  • Lots of Photo Opportunities
  • 12 Kids Plus BDay Girl (13 TOTAL) **$10 each addl. child up to 16

Kids love Fancy Unicorn Face Painting

Fancy Face Painting with Unicorn Magical Gems and Bling

Option 3: Unicorn Face Painting Only $185

2 Hour Party / 16 Kids

Two Hours of Fancy Unicorn Face Painting

  • Unicorn Bling Gems or Horn All (Re-wearable)
  • Festival Glitter
  • Unicorn Sparkles for Hair